I am a professional sales person with a Type A personality. I had a wake up call in September when I had to have a pacemaker implantation.

Before meeting Tracy the stresses of everyday life and the demands of my job had left me at the point of burn out. After working with her as a coach over the last 3 months I now have an awareness of stress triggers and methods to deal with them that truly work.

Tracy is knowledgeable and professional. I recommend her and her coaching techniques to anyone.

Anne Davis

Sales Executive, Transport Express and Brokerage

Working with Tracy has been an extremely nurturing, educational and grounding experience for me.

Before coming into sessions I often feel depleted and scattered, and as the mother of a toddler, I have come to think of this as a sort of baseline.

However, throughout the sessions, things always shift radically. The energy work that Tracy does feels calming and highly intuitive, and allows a sense of clarity in my body and mind. Tracy offers a wellspring of information about health, nutrition and the creative process, and how to integrate them into one's life.

She is also just a total joy to be around, and a kind and energetic presence. I always find myself smiling as I walk out the door, feeling refreshed and more connected to myself, which is a great feeling. 

Joey Walker


Over the past few weeks, I’ve truly enjoyed working with Tracy!! She is very passionate, dedicated and committed in her mission to help me improve my health; you can feel it and see it in her. 

Before working with her, I used to feel disorganized and challenged, not having kept up with the daily health regimen.  I used to often sink right back into the daily grind, stress and chaos that comes with working full time, raising 2 daughters and running a household. As women we take it all on.  I used to drain my energy bucket pretty quickly but never quite knew how to get ahead of it and refill it where I feel better physically and emotionally. 

After working with Tracy, I now feel calm, reprogrammed, enthusiastic and empowered to apply what we’ve discussed and put my weekly game plan into action.  I look forward to the guidance she gives me week to week.  I walk away with more knowledge every week to practice the stress management techniques and incorporate it into my daily life.  I’m inspired and dedicated to continue working with Tracy!

Tracy is doing an amazing job of re-framing the world of food, exercise and stress management for me.  I’d recommend Tracy to anyone who wants to make real changes in their life!

Diana Gathright

Lead Business Systems Analyst, Scottrade, Inc.

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