Celebrating your birthday was a Pagan tradition. Pagans thought that evil spirits lurked on days of major changes, like the day you turn older. The reason we blow out candles on our birthday cakes is to blow out evil in a world of light. October 5th is the most popular birthday and May 22 is the least common birthday.


Birthdays, milestones, another year. Some people dread them, others can’t wait to celebrate their birthdays for an entire week.

This weekend will mark my 47th year on this planet. Yup, in 3 years 50. Am I freaked out or scared? Nope. Am I dreading getting older? Nope. Do I cringe because my kids call me old? Nope.

What do I do?

I laugh, laugh and laugh some more.

I already have the gray hair, wrinkles, hormonal changes and sagging skin. I can’t wait to be in bed by 9, I live in workout gear, and more than two glasses of wine will keep me up at night. I enjoy my alone time and being with my family and friends.

I am who I am. I am not afraid to tell you that. I am real, honest, and true with my feelings. I am not going compromise myself to meet the world’s standards. As I was reflecting on age and my birthday it occured to me how much the Universe has my back! I am extremely blessed, loved, and I am contantly evolving.

The past year has really challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and take risks. I never thought I would be writing blogs, poetry, speaking, and creating a coaching business. I am comfortable being uncomfortable, I don’t allow fear to drive me, and I surrender to the divine process. I accept what is.

I finally decided trust myself, and not rely on the authority of others. The result? Huge creativity was birthed. It flowed in like a dam being burst open! We all have so much to offer the world. Our stories and life exeriences will inspire, comfort and let others know they aren’t alone. It was a beautiful moment when someone thanked me for writing a Positively Positive blog titled, “If You Are Addicted to Picking Read This.” She said it was so comforting to know she wasn’t alone. What if I waited for someone to tell me it was ok to write and submit a blog on picking? What if I didn’t believe in myself? What if I decided to play small and not take a risk? I wouldn’t have touched that one person.

At 47 I have taken others risks. The risk of being authentic and real. I have lost friendships and relationships because I chose to be real. Being real with myself gave me the freedom to place boundaries, say no, create limits, and honor myself. Being real gave me a voice to express my feelings and speak my truth.

Recently I took a huge personal risk and traveled to Maui without my husband and kids. I was really nervous about traveling over the ocean for 5 hours. I upgraded to first class on the way to Maui. I thought, “If I die it will be in first class.” I was nervous how my husband would handle work and the kids schedule. I was nervous the dog would be neglected. I am glad I took the risk. I explored, met new friends, and laughed until I cried. I rediscovered myself and felt a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time.

Einstein stated, “Time is an Illusion.”

Time is an illusion. I am indifferent about birthdays and age. I am interested in living my life from my heart, without fear, and from a place of gratitude. Moving forward with the next 47 years I want to continue to wake up to my dog licking my face, anticipate my kids jumping on my bed to say good morning, and spending less time on social media.

  • I want to inspire people, especially women, to stop proving themselves to death.
  • I want to motivate people to stop living their life in status quo and embrace change and opportunities.
  • I want to make a difference in the life of others so we may all live in love and respect people of all races, sexual orientation, religion, and political status.
  • I want peace not drama.
  • I want to hold a space of trust and love for all.


On my 47 birthday, as I blow out the candles to chase the evil away, this is my message and gift to you.

Similar to what Dory said about swimming and life, my motto is… just keep laughing, just keep laughing, just keep laughing! It will keep you young, happy and at peace. Happy Birthday to you all. Keep creating and taking risks. Thanks for being on this journey with me. xoxo