Let’s Talk

All I see and hear now is OMG, LOL, BRB, BTW, WTF, CYA, LYLAS, and TLC to name a few. Have we really become so busy and in a rush we can’t take those extra seconds to type out or say the full word?

Stop. Stop it all! I am tired of us being too tired, too busy, too stressed to say what we mean! As human beings we are on this journey to connect. To learn from each other. To grow and to love. Let’s connect. Let’s talk.

Let’s talk about the color of the sky.

Let’s talk about how you make me laugh until I cry.

Let’s talk about what we have in common, not what separates us and makes us hate.

Let’s talk about the first time I saw you and where we had our first date.

Let’s talk about the texture of the trees.

Let’s talk about how I tickle you until you say please.

Let’s talk about those carefree days where we swam until our lips turned blue.

Let’s talk about how we rolled down the hill without a clue.

Let’s talk about what we see in the clouds.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.55.32 PMLet’s talk about every time I see you I am wowed.

Let’s talk and talk until we are blue in the face.


Put down your cell phone. Let’s talk and connect. This is my case.

I was inspired to write this as I was on my way to the airport and my husband was busy doing a conference call. I just stared out into the world. Many things caught my eye. Textures of fences and trees. Birds flying in different patterns. Rivers swirling and flowing. I felt the words flow out of me as if they had been trapped there by years of stress and burnout. It was amazing the things that I observed and caught my eye. I wanted to talk to my husband about everything I was seeing and experiencing. But he was on the phone. I wanted connection. I wanted to talk.