Take Your Leadership To The Next Level

You’re a high performing executive who is running on empty and on the verge of a meltdown.

You have 200 emails to reply to, a presentation to complete, and a conference call to lead in 10 minutes.

One wrong decision could cost your company millions!

Anxiety and fear creep in as you wonder how you will get it all done.

Of course! You will skip your workout AGAIN, miss your friend’s party, and will have coffee intravenously dripped into your bloodstream.

You feel your heart race as a falling sensation takes over your being.

Most of my clients live and operate from a place of stress.  Some feel they have “something to prove,” others feel it gives them “a competitive edge.”

It’s counterproductive when you perform from a place of stress. Ineffective decisions are made, miscommunication occurs, and it completely drains your energy.

The solution:

Executive Returns

After going through my program my clients are still intense, driven, and type-A individuals wanting to make a difference in their environment.


Instead of operating from a place of stress they now operate from a place of purpose and vision.  They choose to be in a place of coherence, and utilize their executive brain function to innovate. They are less reactive and more proactive.  They have increased communication with their clients, colleagues, and family.

My Journey

After 23 years in high stress executive roles I decided it was time to expand my career, to discover my truth, and understand my purpose.

This process took 8 years as I researched NeuroLeadership, Neuroeconomics, Heart Intelligence, communication and human performance. My discoveries inspired me to create my program, Executive Returns. 

I have been motivating and leading groups for 26 years on subjects of leadership, success, personal growth and communication.

I am on a mission to combine the Leadership Industry with Neuroscience to help individuals and organizations create behavioral changes that will increase trust, engagement, and transform performance.

I am a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute, National Association of Professional Women and local chamber groups.  Recently, my expertise resulted in membership to the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers and an opportunity to co-author, “Cracking the Code to Success,” with Brian Tracy.

Are you ready to experience a new way of leading? Contact me.

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